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JAN 05, 2016  Quoted in  Denver PostHardware Still Rules For Dish, As Electronics Fade At Annual CES Event

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NOV 13, 2015  Quoted in The Wrap, Why Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Keeps Sinking – And Whether She’ll Be Around Long Enough to Save It

NOV 05, 2015  Quoted in The WrapFacebook’s $300 Billion Milestone Proves Small Social Army Can Beat a Corporate Goliath

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OCT 27, 2015  Over The Top reviewed in New Zealand HeraldWhat Is The Future Of Television?

OCT 27, 2015  Quoted in StreetWise, Facebook, Inc. Dominating Twitter in Near Term, they claim my report on Social TV boosted Facebook stock prices

OCT 26, 2015   Quoted in DigitalTV Europe,  Facebook To Overtake Twitter As Top Social TV Platform

OCT 23, 2015   Quoted in Fierce Cable, Countering ComScore And Rentrak, TiVo To Give Away Set Top Demographic Ratings Data For Free

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OCT 21, 2015   Quoted in Los Angeles Times, YouTube Launches Subscription Service For $9.99 A Month

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SEP 22, 2015   Interviewed by Found Remote,  The 3 Best Books About the Future of Television and What The Authors Would Add If They Could

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AUG 26, 2015   Quoted in FierceCable,  Amid Pay-TV's Biggest Station Blackout Ever, Dish Handily Beat Sinclair In Perception

AUG 25, 2015   Write up of Over The Top in Adweek, Alan Wolk on His New Book and Predictions for TV

AUG 21, 2015   Appearance on "Stocks and Jocks" radio show. Decline of Prime Time

AUG 21, 2015   Quoted in TheWrap, Media Stocks Continue Freefall as Stock Market Sinks 600 Points in a Week

AUG 18, 2015   Quoted in Ad Age, What NBCU's Investments in BuzzFeed, Vox Could Mean for Advertising

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JUL 18, 2015   Quoted in San Francisco ChronicleIn Fantasy e-sports, Everything Is Virtual Except The Money

JUN 26, 2015   My book, Over The Top, reviewed by Canvas8Deep Reads: Our Pick of Reading Material That’s Worth Your Time

JUN 26, 2015   My book, Over The Top, reviewed by Canvas8Deep Reads: Our Pick of Reading Material That’s Worth Your Time

JUN 26, 2015   Quoted in The StreetHBO Now Is a Hit on Apple's iOS but Is It Really a Big Deal?

JUN 25, 2015   Interviewed on NPR's Morning Edition with Neda Ulaby, For Online Video Stars, YouTube Is No Longer The Only Stage.

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SEP 09, 2014  Lost Remote writes up appointment to 2nd Screen Society Chairmanship.

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JAN 03, 2013 Named one of Top 20 Thinkers In Social TV and Second Screen

DEC 26, 2012 Beet TV interviewThe Future TV Remote Control is a Tablet, Says Analyst Alan Wolk

DEC 18, 2012 Guest column at Digiday, 5 Myths About Social TV

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APR 16, 2012 Host of demo video for new KIT Social Program Guide: The End of Triple Play?

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MAR 26, 2012 Monthly column on VOD Professional: Zeebox, Content Discover and Remote Controls

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OCT 20, 2011 Digiday column: When 30 Second Spots Morph Into 'Social Intermissions' (Part 2 of 3)

OCT 12, 2011 Digiday column: The Social TV Decision Engine (Part 1 of 3)

AUG 08, 2011 Guest on CNN Radio Everything Internet show

JUL 22, 2011 Named as one of "world's most influential bloggers" by UK's  Brand Republic/Campaign magazine

MAY 25, 2011 Digiday column: A Word In Defense of Social Media Gurus

APR 13, 2011 Digiday column: Facebook Brand Page Follies

MAR 11, 2011 Wikipedia entry on SXSW (see “2010”)

JAN 24, 2011 Guest on The BeanCast podcast “Goats Are The New Monkeys” with Rupal Parekh, Dirk Singer and Bill Green

DEC 13, 2010 Silicon Alley Insider column: Location Based Services Would Be A Lot Better If They Weren’t In Real Time

NOV 5, 2010 Business Insider column: Stop Giving All Your User Data To Facebook

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APR 06, 2010 Noted blogger Faris Yakob offers his take on the Hive Awards winners

FEB 09, 2010 New Ad Age column: What Thug Life Can Teach Us About Twitter --also picked up by Gawker

DEC 02, 2009 Leading UK ad blog If This Is A Blog Then What’s Christmas names The Toad Stool as one of the Top 10 Ad Blogs of the Decade

DEC 01, 2009 Millburn-Short Hills Patch writes feature story on my involvement with the Hive Awards

OCT 12, 2009 Ad Age runs my first column, Niche Brands Should Embrace Big Market for Offbeat Content

OCT 11, 2009 Guest on The BeanCast podcast with Åsk Wappling, Ken Wheaton and John Wall

SEP 30, 2009 Huffington Postc article on Advertising Week cites my presentation at IAB-MIXX

SEP 03, 2009 Quoted in Brandweek article about Google and GMail outage

AUG 28, 2009 Quoted in USA Today article about IZEA’s sponsored tweets

AUG 05, 2009 Quoted in Fast Company article about sponsored tweets

JUL 22, 2009 Three different write-ups of Chicago NYF panels: Gods of Advertising, Collective Thinking and Flagged For Follow-Up

JUN 22, 2009 The BeanCast podcast with Ad Age Editor Jonah Bloom and award winning producer Hal Goodtree

JUN 08, 2009 Tweetfreak list of “Five to Follow” and follow-up “Twit of the Week” interview (via Adweek)

APR 20, 2009 The BeanCast podcast, with Microsoft’s Duane Forrester & Bill “Make The Logo Bigger” Green

APR 01, 2009 Contributing author of Connect! Marketing In The Social Media Era. Published by Blurb

MAR 22, 2009 Cited by Big Spaceships’s as one of top 10 leaders in Strategy and Trends

FEB 20, 2009 Contributing author to eBook The Passion Economy

FEB 18, 2009  Adweek runs latest column Field of Dreams

FEB 17, 2009   Guest column at "Advertising After The Real Digital Revolution."

FEB 12, 2009   Five blogs posted about my CATFOA presentation in Minneapolis: The Wah Report, the MIMA blog, The Image Lab Blog, YAYBIA and Greg Swan

JAN 23, 2009   “NASCAR Blindness” and “Scoble Blindness” theories cited in Marketing Profs article The Blind Tweeting The Blind

JAN 20, 2009   “Prom King Brand” theory cited in Huffington Post article, A Million Views (and Then Some) on Obama’s Inauguration

JAN 19, 2009   Quoted in Campaign, the UK’s leading advertising industry trade magazine on Adland’s Social Revolution

JAN 16, 2009  eBook, Marketing In 2009 with Fast Company’s Valeria Maltoni, available for download

JAN 05, 2009    Scoble Blindness runs on Marketing Profs Daily Fix

DEC 23, 2008   Walgreen's social media lead Adam Kmiec names Alan Wolk #7 on his Top Ten People to Follow on Twitter list, alongside industry notables  Guy Kawasaki, Ann Handley and Peter Cashmore

DEC 16, 2008    Interview with Fast Company’s Valeria Maltoni: Social Media and Marketing: Alan Wolk on her Conversation Agent blog

NOV 03, 2008    Adweek  runs the Election Day version of NASCAR Blindness

NOV 02, 2008    3-part panelcast: Campaign ’08: Brands, Messages, Marketing Lessons

OCT 01, 2008    Video of the panel discussion Social Media and The Tech Entrepreneur is available on its own YouTube channel as a 9-part series

SEP 17, 2008    Ford’s Head of Social Media, Scott Monty, delivers a lengthy recap of the Your Brand Is Not My Friend theory during this panel from Social Ad Summit.  (Find it at around 08:40 into the video)

AUG 27, 2008    Adweek  runs the 2008 version of The Real Digital Revolution

AUG 06, 2008   Context Is To Chicken As Content Is To Egg.   MediaBistro’s Matt van Hoven  quotes my theories on Your Brand Is Not My Friend and The Real Digital Revolution extensively in his piece about content vs. context

JUL 01, 2008   Tuesday Tip: How To Do Social Media on Scamp  UK’s most popular ad blog  runs a weekly “How To Do” column and I was tapped to write the one on Social Media

JUN 23, 2008  Adweek runs a version of the landmark “Your Brand Is Not My Friend” series

JUN 03, 2008   Third Place Blog   Adweek’s digital editor Brian Morrissey calls Alan Wolk  “one of the “must read” bloggers of our industry.”

MAY 29, 2008   Torontoist Blog’s Cate Simpson talks about the Toad Stool’s participation in Jane Sample’s “My Brand Day” meme

MAY 28, 2008    Interview on Daily (Ad) Biz blog  Alan Wolk discusses the rise of social media and what agencies need to do to adapt to the new landscape

MAY 18, 2008   The Denver Egotist chimes in, commenting on the MediaBistro and Adpulp interviews. Very meta

MAY 18, 2008   Interview on AdPulp blog  Noted industry blogger David Burn discusses Alan Wolk’s decision to “de-anonymize” and his plans for the future

MAY 16, 2008  Interview with MediaBistro  Alan Wolk lays out his theories on the role of bloggers on the advertising and marketing industries and how traditional agency creatives often seem like immigrants in the digital space

APR 17, 2008   Clicking Through The Internet in Campaign magazine (UK)  Campaign magazine reprints a goodly chunk of a much buzzed about blog post in their “Best of the Blogs” section

OCT 08, 2007  B2B Magazine names OgilvyOne 2007 Agency of the Year IBM “Mystery of the Maze” campaign cited as key factor in the decision

SEP 24, 2007   Interview with PR guru Toby Bloomberg discusses the role of bloggers and how an anonymous blogger can still maintain authenticity

AUG 27, 2007   B2B Magazine on IBM “Mystery of the Maze” campaign  Analysis of IBM’s breakthrough campaign with social media elements 

OCT 01, 1995   Ad Age  “ The New Math At Steve Trygg's Anderson & Lembke Is Business-To-Business Plus Consumer Equals Super Bowl Commercial

OCT 02, 1991    New York Times on SYJP “Boat” ad  Columnist Stuart Elliott on JWT’s small client ad program. Very first advertising press mention